Ice Dragon E-Juice By E-Liquid Depot Review

Ice Dragon has the delicious flavor of fruity blueberries and dragonfruit with a minty twist. It is a delightful e-liquid to vape – the kind you will relish on a warm summer day. Ice Dragon is manufactured by E-Liquid Depot.  It has a very refreshing taste.

E-Liquid Depot has many e-liquid flavor profiles on the market. You will find dessert, breakfast, creamy, tobacco, candy, menthol, yogurt, and other flavor profiles at this company’s store. Each is different and gives a unique vape experience. E-Liquid Depot creates its e-juice blends using only top-quality ingredients and the latest brewing methods. If you like fruity e-liquids, Ice Dragon can easily become an all day vape

Flavor Description

Ice Dragon gives you the flavor of dragonfruit and blueberries. You can taste the flavor of both fruits. On the inhale, there is a sweetness in the background that is not overpowering. You will also get hints of a minty flavor. The cool mint flavor becomes more pronounced on the exhale. The flavors mix well together to give you a nice cool blast. It’s very refreshing and delicious to vape.

The e-liquid is quite delicious, but you can still steep it for a few days. Steeping is a matter of personal taste and is only recommended if the date it was manufactured is less than two weeks ago. I find that Ice Dragon taste very good before you even steep it.

VG/PG Ratio

Ice Dragon has an 80/20 vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) rati0. The MAX VG ratio means the e-liquid is a bit thick. In my opinion, this e-liquid is best for dripping in an RDA for the best vaping experience. You can also vape it with a sub ohm tank. A wattage of 35 upwards is quite satisfactory both in terms of flavor and cloud production.

The cloud production is good. Cloud chasers will be thrilled with this e-juice. The clouds you get from this e-liquid are milky white and linger in the air.

Nicotine Strength

Ice Dragon by E-Liquid Depot has three different nicotine strength options; 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. This e-juice has a mild throat hit. The sensation in the back of the throat is smooth.

Vapers who like strong throat hits may feel somewhat disappointed.


E-Liquid Depot offers Ice Dragon in a bottle that is made of plastic and has a childproof safety cap. Ice Dragon is very delicious, don’t be surprised if the e-juice finishes quickly.

On the bottle, there is a label with a simple design. You will find some information on the label like the brand logo, the product name, a bar code and the mandatory warning.


For only $11.99, you can buy a 120 ml bottle of Ice Dragon. E-Liquid Depot is known for offering high-quality products at very low prices. You have the opportunity to make some tremendous savings when you buy from this store. For purchases of more than $40, there is free shipping. You will find coupon codes on the site that you can use for your next purchase.

The E-Liquid Depot website is very user-friendly and safe to navigate. The site uses the latest encryption technology. You will find everything you need such as vape accessories and devices.


This fruity blueberry and dragon fruit can be mixed with other e-juice flavors from Atomic Dog Vapor to create brand something new. E-Liquid Depot has a team of expert mixers who carefully choose fruits and other ingredients to mix to create some of the best vape juices on the market.

E-Liquid Depot is based in Florida and has more than 40 different e-liquid flavors on the market. Some of the flavors that you might find interesting and that can mix with Ice Dragon include Heisenberg, Rainbow, Oranj, and more.  There are many other Atomic Dog Vapor e-liquids that you can mix with Ice Dragon to create a fantastic blend.

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