Thirsty Juice Yoghurt Drink E-juice Review

If you are one of those persons who vape, and yoghurts are one of your favorite drinks, you can enjoy both simultaneously by choosing yoghurt flavored e-liquids. The satisfaction you will obtain is double. The thrill you obtain from an e-cig and the delight in the taste of yoghurt complement each other for a fantastic experience. There are a wide selection of yoghurt flavored eliquids  in the market. If you are keen for quality and taste, you will only seek yoghurt flavored e-liquids in demand in vapers’ communities that are recognized for taste and quality.

Yoghurt Drink of Thirsty Juice tops the list as one of the best yoghurt ejuices. The company, Thirsty Juice, specializes in producing beverage-flavored vape juices. Some other beverage ejuices that the company has produced include; Grape Soda, Strawberry Lemonade, Sweet Mango, and Lime Tahiti. These beverages have unique flavors appreciated by vapers. Yoghurt Drink is part of that range of beverage ejuices, by Thirsty Juice. It is widely appreciated as one of the best yoghurt flavored e-liquids.

One of the Best Yoghurt Flavored Ejuices

Yoghurt Drink has a unique taste. It’s somewhat milky in the mouth. The flavor is a bit sweet and sour. As you inhale, the vapor feels very light and cool. It invades your mouth and throat with a nice fresh sensation. You will obtain a burst of energy and feel revitalized. On the exhale, the creamy flavor of yoghurt fills your mouth. Yoghurt Drink offers all the delight that you seek from fresh, high-quality yoghurt. You will be wanting more with each vape.

VG/PG Levels

Yoghurt Drink has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) level of 70/30. It consists of a medium level of thickness, and is perfect for both novice and experienced vapers. This VG/PG level makes for a great vaping experience. You will appreciate the mild throat hit. For those who like to blow abundant clouds, the cloud stays longer in the air before it dissipates. The 30% PG is enough to capture all the goodness of fresh plain yoghurts. The vapor captures all the flavor that excite your taste buds. Thirsty Juice decided to reproduce the taste of plain yoghurt instead of adding fruit flavoring or other flavors. 

Nicotine Level

You have a choice between  0 mg and 3 mg nicotine levels. The low nicotine level contributes to a smooth feeling and mild throat hit. There is a very nice koolada that excite your senses.

Bottle and Packaging

The bottle has a childproof safety cap and is made of plastic. The trademark signature of Thirsty juice, which consists of its name is widely written on the label. Thirsty Juice has chosen the pink color to for its Yoghurt Drink vape juice.


Thirsty Juice offers the best vape juice deals that you can find on the market. Yoghurt Drink cost only $ 9.99 USD for a 50 ml bottle. You get great value for money with this. Vapers appreciate the price because they obtain a lot more ejuice than in many other cases. It’s a great saving opportunity. Most of Thristy Juice products are provided at a very good price convenient for every budget. The price is a great opportunity for newbies who are seeking great quality product at a very good price.  It’s an opportunity that many vapers grab when available. Often, at that price you will find smaller bottles capable of containing lower millimeters of ejuice.


Yoghurt Drink encapsulates all the flavor and freshness of plain yoghurt. Not all yoghurts tastes the same, but Yoghurt Drink captures the common factor that defines yoghurts; the milky sweet and sour flavor of plain yoghurts. When you vape, the flavor entices you for more and you just can’t get enough. This is one of the best beverage e-liquids on the market. You will appreciate vaping it throughout the year. If you are one of those who likes both vaping and yoghurts, you can obtain a double thrill enjoying both simultaneously.

Thirsty Juice beverage e-liquid top the list for quality and price. If you like yoghurt, you will love the nice taste of plain fresh yoghurt of Thirsty Juice. It’s very delicious and refreshing. One of the best plain yoghurt ejuice beverage currently on the markets.

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