Coffee Milk Vape Juice by MOO E-liquids Review

Kilo E-liquids is a company based in Buena Park, Southern California. The company created the Kilo Moo Series, previously known as MOO Eliquids, in 2015. MOO Eliquids is known for its unique design motif of a spotted cow. The company currently has on the market three very popular e-liquids; Vanilla Almond Milk, Banana Milk, and Coffee Milk.

Coffee Milk is an excellent delight for vapors who want to treat themselves to the flavor of coffee without consuming lots of caffeine. It’s  perfect for early mornings or throughout the day. When you vape Coffee Milk, you have the impression of actually drinking the real thing. The e-juice offers a soothing sensation, just like a real cup of coffee.

A Fantastic Flavor

The flavor of Coffee Milk will delight you. The blend is smooth and delicious to vape. On the inhale, the sweet, creamy milk flavor floods your taste buds and entices you for more. On the exhale, you have the full flavor of coffee blending with the fresh creamy milk to create a truly delicious and authentic milk coffee flavor.

MOO Eliquids captures precisely the real flavor of coffee offering a delight that is very savory when vaping.  You obtain the rendition of freshly brewed, warm coffee.

VG/PG Ratio

Coffee Milk comes with 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol ratio. The VG/PG ratio is perfect for massive cloud production. However, you also obtain the perfect amount of flavor.

Vapers who are seeking the thrills of blowing clouds like the thickness of the vapor. On the inhale, you can feel the thickness of the cloud. On the exhale there is a massive cloud production, giving cloud chasers the real sensation of vaping they desire.

This e-juice presents a slight thickness, but it is quite easy with coils. A rebuildable dripping atomizer or a sub-ohm tank will give you the best vaping experience. You will taste the full extent of the flavor and obtain massive cloud production.

The smoothness created is a perfect balance, allowing you to appreciate the fantastic flavor .  When you inhale and exhale, there is no weird sensation of a burning sensation or charring. You do not feel any itching in the nostrils on the exhale.

Nicotine Strength

The throat hit that you obtain depends on the nicotine content. Coffee Milk gives a mild throat hit. It’s smooth and subtle. Besides being able to choose 0 mg for no nicotine content. You can also select between 3mg or 6mg. These low levels of nicotine are perfect to give throat hits that are not overpowering.



The box is black and white offering a contrast that is nicely designed. You will find all information regarding the product on the box.  Instead of a spotted cow, there is another design in its place that’s hard to describe. The aspect of the box, generally, is lovely. The bottle is made of clear glass and has the same content on the label with that on the box. It is available in 60ml capacity.


Kilo Moo Series makes some of the best eliquid on the market and offers it at very competitive prices. For only $20.97, you can enjoy some of the best coffee e-juice on the market. This is a fantastic opportunity to obtain premium-quality e-juice.


Moo E-liquids is taking the industry by storm with its line of products. The MOO Series is very popular among vapers. A cup of coffee in the morning or during the day is always a pleasant delight.  You can delight in the flavor of Coffee Milk by Kilo Moo Series. You will indulge in the flavor and feel refreshed and energized after vaping.

Moo E-liquids chooses from the most excellent grade of coffee to make its e-juice. The company uses only natural ingredients and does not include any artificial flavoring. When you vape, you obtain the real taste; the taste of pure and freshly made coffee.  There is no chemical aftertaste. 

 Coffee Milk is currently among the best coffee-flavored e-liquid on the market. Coffee is a delight to drink. Just like the real coffee, you will vape and still have a craving for the taste.  Moo Eliquid’s  Coffee Milk will give you a thrilling experience.

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