Atomic Dog Vapor’s Rechargeable eCig Pack Review

If you are looking for the best e-cigarette brands, then Atomic Dog Vapor is the place to go. The company has several items available, and that includes good quality e-cigarettes. You can check these products out on the Atomic Dog Vapor website.

When you visit the company’s website, you will be amazed at how the products are presented well. You will have no challenges navigating through their site since the products are easy to find.

You are one satisfied customer once you deal with them. This is because Atomic Dog Vapor gives out excellent customer service. The best part about them is their unique deals on specific products. You can take advantage of these deals once you visit their website.

You can avail of the Buy 8 Get a Free. You buy eight cartridges; you take home nine. This is cool since you will have more of the rounds that you will need for your Ecigars. All you need to do to avail of these deals is visit their website.

Atomic Dog Vapor has several products, and one of these is the Rechargeable eCig Pack. . This is one product that you must have if you are into e-cigarettes.


Atomic Dog Vapor’s Rechargeable eCig is a reliable device that can easily be charged 300 times. All it takes is 2.5 hours to charge the eCig, and you can be sure that it will last for a long time. The device is easy to carry since it is very light and so easy to use. It has an excellent grasp, and you will enjoy puffing with this product.

When you purchase the kit, you get a rechargeable battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger. When you use this product, you know that the device is fully charged since a blue light can be seen at its tip.

The device’s battery life will last between 250 and 300 puffs. It is important to note that the battery life also depends on the user. If you are new to this device, there may be a chance that your puffs will be more than the average and it may drain the battery faster.

For you to know if the device needs charging, you must be aware of the flavor and the vapor production. If the Ecigar does not produce any smoke or flavor, then the battery may be drained.

The Rechargeable eCig Pack by Atomic Dog Vapor has two flavors to choose from. You can have menthol or tobacco flavors depending on your preference. The menthol flavor gives out a refreshing hit in every puff. This eCig is best if you were once a menthol smoker. Another flavor is tobacco, and it gives out a crisp tobacco taste in every puff.

You will want more of the flavors once you try these. When it comes to the nicotine strength of the Rechargeable eCig Pack, you are provided with the full strength of 24mg.


When you need to find the best eCig cartridges, you now that Atomic Dog Vapor has all the right products for your needs. The rechargeable eCig Pack is a product that you will get from the company. You need not look far because you can have a Cuban eCigar and a Rechargeable eCig Pack in one place.

Atomic Dog Vapor inevitably takes good care of their customers. You get to have some of the best products out on the market today, and you also enjoy excellent service from them. All their items online are neatly presented so it will be easy for you to choose from these.

Great deals are here, and you will have the chance to avail of the special deals offered by the company. It is comforting to know that Atomic Dog Vapor is just right online, and the products available are varied. You get Ecigars and Rechargeable eCigar Packs.

What’s great is you get the best value for your money from Atomic Dog Vapor because their Rechargeable eCig Pack is so affordable. You can purchase a pack of this product for only $11.99. This can easily be bought at You also can check out reviews on Ecigs online.



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