Havoc Juice Billions Vape Liquid Review

Growing up with my grandma who loves to bake pies and cakes, I know what a delicious apple pie tastes like. In vape form, a perfect apple pie e-juice is tart with the taste of ripe green apple on the inhale and light cinnamon with a creamy crust on the exhale. My standards for this blend is so high that not a lot of e-liquid have been able to meet it. Today, I am going to review Billions by Havoc Juice Co. Let us see if this one stands out from the rest.

“This is an all American baked apple pie flavor!”

Honestly, vape juices with a short flavor profile are my thing. They are daring to me. It is as if they are telling me to “taste me to know me.” As soon as I open the bottle of Billions, I was not surprised. Apple pie flavor all the way!

Now, time to vape it.

On your first puff, the sweet taste of rich apple pie filling will excite your taste buds. The familiar and delicious flavors of cinnamon, sugar, and apple will burst in your mouth. Once the flavor starts to settle, hints of my favorite flaky crust come to play. Altogether, vaping this e-liquid feels like taking a huge bite into a fresh apple pie. Just wow!

The overall flavor is great. It has its own unique flavor and is far from lackluster. Havoc Juice Co. did an awesome job making this vape juice which surpasses other apple pie blends on the market. By the way, if you are patient enough, you can steep this e-liquid for at least two weeks after you receive it to improve the flavor. You will notice an improvement in the flavor.

Billions e-juice contains vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol at a ratio of 80/20 percent. If you are a cloud chaser, this baby will not fail you. It produces dense clouds of vapor that do not disappear right away. But what I really like is the apple pie-like aroma it produces. It smells like a real apple pie is being baked in the oven. Talk about real freshness. Furthermore, its mild throat hit will allow you to perform lots of tricks.

The vape juice has a simple packaging design. It comes in a gorilla unicorn bottles with a label that boldly bears the Havoc Juice Co. logo. The label also has other relevant product information such as the product name and more. It comes with a child-resistant cap, making it safe to be around with kids, although I do not recommend it. You know the saying, prevention is always better than cure. The bottle cap is securely locked in place so you do not have to worry about possibly accidentally spilling the contents. Do not let the simplicity of the packaging design of this e-juice fool you, it is a premium blend.

There are three nicotine levels available for Billions e-juice. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. I went for the 3 mg of nicotine level. Again, the throat hit at this level is pleasantly mild. It is just enough to let you know it is there. It was not harsh on the throat. No nose tingling sensations or fits of coughing as well. This e-juice is best enjoyed using either a dripper or a sub-ohm tank. I truly loved the flavor on the SMOK TFV12. It has a nice balance between cloud production and rich flavor.

Billions e-juice by Havoc Juice Co. is available in 60-mL bottles for as low as $15.99 only. But hey! Do you love to buy one get 1 specials? Check out this amazing Havoc BOGO E-liquid sale currently going on. You can buy any 60-mL Havoc Juice bottle and get a second 60-mL bottle of any Humble vape liquid for free. Great news right? With this, you can easily mix and match any of your favorite Havoc Juice flavors.

Havoc Juice Co. brings you the taste of the tropics in vape form. It has a delicious collection of vape juices, ranging from house staples like mango and pineapple to unique blends such as strawberry taffy and sweet apple pie. Their names are quite interesting too. So what is it going to be? Aftershock, Billions, Firestorm, or Tsunami?  Visit https://humblejuiceco.com and make your pick. Happy vaping!



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