Nasty Juice Ballin’s Hippie Trail E-Juice Review

If you are a fan of lemon and lime, the e-juice for you is Hippie Trail by Nasty Juice Ballin. This e-liquid is a blend of lemon and lime flavor. It will give you a well and sour taste that doesn’t get old.

Hippie Trail by Nasty Juice Ballin has an unmistakable citrus aroma. You can tell that you’re in for an exciting vaping experience from the moment you open a bottle of this e-juice. When vaping Hippie Trail, you get the same lemon-lime on the inhale and exhale. The tartness is more noticeable on the exhale. The flavor is spot-on. This e-juice has a lovely aftertaste. You can easily chain vape on it all day long without getting sick of how it tastes. There is no weird aftertaste from Hippie Trail by Nasty Ballin.

This e-liquid is so satisfying, and it feels like having a glass of your favorite lemon-lime drink. The invigorating flavor is great for a hot day. You can relax and have a great time when you vape this e-liquid.

Nasty Juice Ballin’s Hippe Trail is one of the best citrus e-liquids on the market. This e-juice is a must-try for everyone who loves citrus.

You can choose from three nicotine strength levels when buying Nasty Juice Ballin’s Hippe Trail e-juice. Your choices are 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. If you want a hard throat hit, you may have to opt for the 6mg version or the 3mg version. If you want to enjoy vaping this e-liquid without any throat hit, you can go for the 0mg of nicotine version. The throat hit that you will get from this e-juice is mild. You will feel a smooth sensation in your throat. The throat hit does not hurt at all so you can enjoy the rich flavor of this e-liquid all day long.

The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of Hippie Trail by Nasty Juice Ballin is 70/30. You will not have issues vaping this e-liquid with a tank or dripper. It is not too thick.

Hippie Trail e-juice produces thick clouds of vapor. The huge clouds do not disappear right away. You can smell the citrus flavor from this e-juice when vaping it.

Hippie Trail by Nasty Ballin has an attractive packaging design. The juice comes in a green plastic bottle that has a unique shape. There is a label on the bottle with the company’s logo and other information about the product. You will not have issues with spilling since the cap is tightly locked in place.

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