The 10 Weirdest E-Liquid Flavors on the Market

Our world can be a little wacky, or should I say crazy. There are zillions of ideas out there, and sometimes you see things that make you say “wow!” And the vaping world is not exempted. In a bid to make a profit, e-juice makers seek to make unique e-liquids to attract customers. With about $4 billion to be made yearly from the vaping industry, e-liquid companies are in a stiff competition to innovate and release e-juice blends that will beat the competition.

Today, you will find e-liquids with different flavors. E-juice companies are becoming more creative in the type of e-liquid flavors they offer. Below are 10 of the craziest e-liquid recipes that you may not have even imagined.

  • Bacon by Hangsten – This is an e-juice you can try out of curiosity. You might also like it. Hangsen is one of the largest e-juice manufacturers in the world. Bacon is a peculiar e-juice, and no doubt there are vapers out there who love it.
  • Crab by BlueMist – Why would anyone want to vape an e-juice with crab flavor. Crab by BlueMist sounds like a weird e-liquid, but you could be in for a surprise. If you have to like eating crabs, this may be the vape juice flavor for you. The taste is peculiar. It is definitely on a league of its own. If you’re seeking for something out of the ordinary, try it.
  • Oak Wood by Freedom Smoke USA – From all the delicious food and beverages, why would you want to vape the flavor of oak wood? Freedom Smoke USA created this vape juice that gives you the flavor of oak wood. To be precise, it has the flavor of aged oak wood. This is a unique e-liquid. The best part is that you mix it with other flavors such as honey, etc.
  • Dill Pickle by Moon Drop – Let’s face it, I like pickles, especially if it’s on my hamburger, but I don’t imagine vaping it. Someone at Moon Drop e-liquid just can’t get enough of pickles. Come to think of it, pickles do have kind of a nice texture. It is sweet and sour.
  • Butter by Artisan E-Liquid – This e-juice by Artisan E-Liquid has the taste of butter. It is not bad, but I don’t imagine eating plain butter. Many e-juice recipes contain butter in the background, and Artisan E-liquid does provide some ideas for blending this e-liquid with other flavors.
  • Root by ePuffer – This e-juice by ePuffer has the flavor of valerian root. Valarian roots are known to induce sleep. Hence, if you’re having sleep problems, this is a nice solution. It’s the perfect e-liquid when you feel like relaxing. It also has a nice taste.
  • Jalapeno – Think about vaping a hot peppery flavor with a good throat hit. This is an e-juice that you would want to vape alongside a glass of water. It’s not for the faint-hearted.
  • Wasabi – Have you heard of the Japanese plant that tastes like horseradish. Wasabi is used in cooking and mixes well with other flavors. On its own, the taste is quite terrible. But this is an e-liquid that some vapers enjoy.
  • Beer by Tasty Puff – Let’s face it, a nice, cold glass of beer is just refreshing. Maybe that’s what the guys of Tasty Puff had in mind with Beer e-liquid. Well, it is one of the craziest e-liquid flavors on the market. If you love beer, you can double the fun by drinking and vaping at the same time.
  • Oregano by Mount Baker – This is an herb that is often used in cooking. It has a slightly bitter and spicy taste. If you love spicy e-liquids, this could just be the one for you.

There are thousands of e-juice flavors on the market today, and some of them are unique. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be an e-liquid out there for you.

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