2500mg Full Spectrum CO2 Formula 2501 Tincture by Herbal Fracture Review

Formula 2501 by Herbal Fracture is an excellent CBD tincture. This product contains 2500mg of Full Spectrum CO2 extracted CBD. The Formula 2501 is produced with premium hemp grown in Colorado under strict conditions. Herbal Fracture is well known for producing high-quality CBD products. This company has a certified Food Grade Manufacturing Facility located in Silverthorne, CO where its products are made. Herbal Fracture products are 100 percent organic and do not contain pesticides, fungicides, harmful chemicals or other contaminants. All Herbal Fracture products are tested by a third-party lab. The 6-panel tests assess the potency, terpene profile, bio-contaminates (mold), residues solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides content of the products. You can be sure that any product by Herbal Fracture is pure and safe for use.

Apart from The Formula 2501, Herbal Fracture has a lot of products including tinctures, topicals, edibles, and pet products. Herbal Fracture products are packed with premium ingredients and are very effective. This company makes some of the best CBD products on the market. You can use Herbal Fracture’s products for pain relief, workout recovery, anxiety, skin care, and also has sleep aid.

Herbal Fracture topicals are great for localized relief. The CBD edibles that this company offers are infused with chocolates, almonds, blueberry, and others.

Formula 2501 is one of the top products by Herbal Fracture. Some other top selling products by this company are 1200mg Full Spectrum CO2 Tincture (Natural Flavor), Pet Tincture (Cod Liver Oil Flavor) Isolate, 1200mg Full Spectrum CO2 Tincture (Spearmint Flavor), 2400mg Miracle Salve Full Spectrum CO2, 2500mg Full Spectrum CO2 Formula 2501 Tincture, 1200mg Isolate Tincture (Spearmint Flavor), Pineapple Express Terpsolate Crumble among others.

Formula 2501 was designed for use as a sublingual tincture. This CBD product can be vaped or used sublingually. Besides full spectrum CBD, Formula 2501 also contains fractioned coconut oil. This product contains traces of THC – less than 0.3 percent of THC. This is in line with Federal Law. It is best not use this product consistently if you are scheduled for regular testing. There is a chance that you will fail a drug test if you use this product consistently for up to two months.

You can buy a 0.5oz bottle of Formula 2501 from the Herbal Fracture online shop for $159.99.This company provides free shipping if you spend up to $100 or more at this store. Herbal Fracture ships your product three days after your orders are placed. Herbal Fracture also provides excellent customer service.

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