What Should You Do to Make Sub Ohm Vaping Safe?

The advancements of technology in the sub ohm vaping industry is huge and overwhelming. Anyone within the legal age of smoking has the ability to click the mouse and buy vaping devices right away. This is in pursuit of having the best vaping experience. But great responsibility is on the shoulders of the vapers. Here are some safety tips to make this sub-ohm experience worth investing.

Choose Regulated Box Mod

If you are still new to the sub ohming, you’ll enjoy its amazing benefits with lesser risk when you choose the regulated box mod. This device lets you adjust the wattage being sent to the coil. You don’t worry what is the level of the resistance. This device come with different features to ensure safety. Shortage of electricity is prevented and won’t ruin your battery. Since it is an electronic device, it is still prone for malfunction. To prevent this from happening, you must take care of it.

Be Careful With Mechanical Mods

Experienced vapers prefer mechanical mods than the regulated box mods. You cannot adjust the voltage or wattage in this device since it doesn’t have any circuit. This device makes it difficult to keep you safe. All power of the battery goes to the coil. So when it has low power, the voltage also goes down. You only use coils with various resistances to affect the wattage. You must exercise extreme caution when you build these coils! Use the ohm meter to check the resistance of the coil before using it. You at a big risk of either damage to your device or creating fire when there is short circuit.

Check Air Vents or Holes

Check if the air vents are working well or not. Put this in mind when you use mechanical mods. If your battery is damaged, the heat will flow inside the air holes. We don’t want those gasses coming out of your mod. Just remove the batteries and blow air into the mechanical mod from the end of the connection.

Use Correct Vape Batteries

You must use the correct vaping batteries. It should be high-quality and suitable to sub ohming. You must understand that these batteries are like small TNT. If you push it beyond its limit, it will vent out. You’ll be prone to leakage and chemicals that are highly explosive and dangerous to your health. It’s not good to get detonated close to your face. Purchase a specific container or holder for your batteries. Don’t carry them in your pocket in a loose manner. You might cause them to touch each other or come in contact with any items with metal on it. You might set a light on fire once these batteries break down in your pocket.

Test the Coil Many Times

When you build a coil, you test it. But it does not mean that it will stay forever okay. Use the ohm reader when checking your coils on a regular basis. This ensures the coil is 100% safe for you to use. Change your batteries time to time. If you’re not using your device and observed it getting warm, there’s a possibility your coil is short circuited or having sub ohm vape juice inside it. To learn more about the basic safety measures when sub ohm vaping, visit www.wotofo.com and they’ll gladly assist you.

Final Thoughts

You’ll enjoy chasing the massive clouds when you observe safe sub ohm vaping. You should be diligent enough to use any sub ohm device. Even if you use the simplest mods in a wrong way, you still have potential to get hurt and have serious consequences. So being aware ahead about the safety precautions gives you an edge. You’ll also ensure the lifespan

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