Best make my vape calculator for mixing e-liquid and how to use it to measure ingredients

If you are interested in creating a home laboratory and start making your own DIY e-liquid, you need to be aware and understand all the details about e-liquid flavors. As you know already, making DIY e-liquids from scratch has a lot of advantages. Making your own e-liquid saves you a lot of money. Pre-made e-liquid is more expensive than DIY e-liquid because of the lower cost of ingredients per milliliter. DIY e-liquid making is also fun. It gives you the freedom and control to explore your creative side and create a flavor profile that suits your taste.

If you are a beginner planning to venture into DIY e-liquid mixing, the process may seem very intimidating. For instance, before you start mixing, you will be required to invest in a lot of ingredients and equipment. Application of mathematical formulas and calculating the correct measurements for ingredients is another thing that can intimidate you. Fortunately, you can find a simple make my vape calculator and make sure that your measurements are perfect.

Presenting the make my vape e-liquid calculator

A DIY e-liquid calculator makes your e-juice mixing experience much easier. By making use of the freely available online calculator, you will not need to do complex calculations to make your e-liquids. The calculators do the hard work of getting the exact quantities for every e-liquid based on the volume of the e-liquid you wish to make.

The only thing that that you are required to do is key into the calculator the volume in milliliters of the e-liquid you want to make and your preferred VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength. A make my vape calculator also allows you to tell it how many flavors you wish to create. After keying all this information, the calculator will let you know exactly how much of each ingredient you need to add to get a perfect e-liquid. DIY e-juice calculators are useful for people who are just getting started in DIY vaping.

The following are some of the best e-liquid calculators for mixing e-liquids:

Ejuice Me Up

Ejuice Me Up has continued to be every mixer’s go-to calculator. This calculator is privately managed with no network features or formula sharing. One feature of EJMU is that a user has to manually back up formulas. You can lose all your formulas if you forget to back them up and change your personal computer.

All The Flavor

This web-based calculator seeks to address the issues presented by E-liquid-recipes. It is the second most popular e-liquid formula displaying website.  The site is continuously being updated with fresh content. As a paid membership service, it provides a much higher yield of extraordinary formulas, data, and flavoring notes. This service targets specialist blenders. Although you can still use the service as a free user, you will be restricted to just two private recipes.

E-liquid-recipes is a famous web-based mixing calculator. This is where every e-liquid mixer goes to post their formulas. The best aspect about this site is its vast network. Other interesting gems about the site include tons of data, easy sharing, detailed recipes and loads of notes.

Juice grinder

This is a simple downloadable calculator. It is much similar to Juice Calculator but with a more clearer and instinctive user interface. The calculator also has an efficient cost tracking and analysis and active inventory tracker. The calculator is best for experienced or proficient mixers.

So, do you want to easily make your DIY e-liquids? Start using a make my vape calculator today and forget about memorizing a bunch of math formulas. With a DIY e-liquid calculator, you will create perfect juices much easier without the need to do complex calculations.

As a beginner just getting into DIY mixing, we recommend that you start with simple flavors that you can easily get from top vape vendors like Flavorah, Capella, Inawera, and FlavorArt among others. Some vendors like Flavorah also offer a starter DIY vape juice recipe that you can utilize together with their flavor concentrates.


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