Naked 100: A Deeper Look Into the E-Liquid Brand.

If you’re a vaper, you’ve probably heard about Naked 100. You might not have tried it yet. Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the correct site to learn more about the renowned e-liquid brand.

Naked 100 has risen to prominence in the vaping business in just seven years and for good reason. The company offers exceptional food and candy-flavored products.

They do, however, avoid making their products too sweet. Furthermore, their menthol products provide a punch while maintaining intricate layers. Finally, naked vape juice products are just delightful for vape consumers.

The Basics of Naked 100

Manufacturers build complicated mixtures to gratify vapers’ palates in the vape market. They will, for example, avoid basic, delightful fruity flavors. They’ll instead dazzle customers with exotic fruits and luxurious flavors like Madagascar vanilla and creme anglaise.

Naked 100, on the other hand, does not adhere to this ideology. Simply put, the brand provides simple, clean flavors. Their flavors have no additional additives. However, they offer a hard-hitting, tasty, and no-nonsense vape. Naked 100 e-liquids are available in 60 ml bottles. The bottles also include childproof tops and dripper spouts.

The packaging design reflects the company’s simple, uncomplicated concept. Their bottles merely display the brand name and the flavor. They also have product information on them. For example, the labeling just lists the product size, PG/VG ratio, and nicotine strength.

However, Naked 100 vape juice comes in packaging that makes it simple to identify its flavor components. Take, for example, Naked 100 Lava Flow. The bottle bears a strawberry, pineapple, and coconut emblem. With this type of visual, it’s simple to imagine how Naked 100 items may taste.


With Naked 100, the Choice Is Yours

The Naked 100 product range has a limited number of PG/VG blend choices. However, the brand’s quality more than compensates for the limitation of combining options. There are no different PG/VG ratios. Naked 100 e-juices are all 70% VG.

Nonetheless, the high VG blends are ideal for most modern tanks and atomizers. More importantly, the company’s complete product line comprises consistently high-quality offerings. However, pairing Naked 100 vape juice with powerful hardware is critical. Naked 100 e-juices don’t do well with low-end devices. However, with high-quality equipment, the PG/VG ratio of Naked 100 products is a nonissue.

Naked 100 products, on the other hand, come in a variety of nicotine levels. You can get vape juice with 0, 3, 6, or 12 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter. This selection offers more than enough possibilities for modern atomizers. If you’re just moving from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you probably don’t need the strongest 12 mg/milliliter choice. Also, if you’re using a basic vape pen, you simply need an 18 mg/milliliter product.


The Flavors of the Naked 100 E-Liquid Brand

Naked 100’s designers created the product primarily for newer atomizers and sub-ohm gear. If you don’t already have a premium vape device, you should consider getting one. Having access to the incredibly high-quality Naked 100 product line is certainly worth it.

With so many different varieties of e-liquid available, it’s difficult to answer the question, “What e-liquid should I try?” Among the Naked 100 flavors are:

  • Mango, formerly Amazing Mango
  • Maui Sun
  • Menthol Melon, formerly Polar Breeze
  • Crisp Menthol
  • Hawaiian Pog
  • Lava Flow
  • Strawberry Pom, formerly Brain Freeze
  • Very Berry
  • All Melon

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Naked 100 e-liquid flavors.

Lava Flow is a coconut, pineapple, and strawberry blend. It’s a fruity cocktail-inspired concoction. On the draw, this e-juice delivers a balanced pineapple-coconut punch. Strawberry tones, on the other hand, support the entire experience.

Very Berry is a delicious blend of blackberries, blueberries, and lemon. You’ll receive a nice mix of all the flavors when you take a drag. The blueberry notes, on the other hand, will steal the show.

If passion fruit, orange, and guava flavors sound appealing, you’ll love Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog. This e-juice has the flavor of a fresh Hawaiian cocktail.

All of these flavors and many more can be purchased on West Coast Vape Supply.

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